Our 4-day Tanzania group joining safari package is the best tour that enables you to reduce tour costs when you join other tourists on this trip. In this four-day group joining safari in Tanzania, our aim is for you to visit Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and Tarangire National Park. These are the best parks in the northern part of Tanzania. Also, this 4-day group tour to Tanzania offers you accommodation in lodges or public campsites inside the park.

Elephants crossing the road during the 4-day Tanzania group joining safari in Serengeti National Park

The overview of the 4-day Tanzania group joining safari package

Our 4-day Tanzania group joining safari package is directly looking to place you in parks that are famous in the country and in Africa. For the first two days, you will get to visit Serengeti Park, which has a very large area with many different types of animals and birds. You will see wildebeest migrations, zebras, lions, cheetahs, leopards, buffalo, and elephants. Also, there are a lot of crocodiles, especially in places with rivers like the Mara River, Grumeti, and Mbagaleti.

On the second day of our four-day Tanzania group safari, you will visit the Ngorongoro Crater for the whole day. Ngorongoro Crater is a very beautiful and interesting park. The main feature of this park is the abundance of wild animals of many types, easily visible and close. Also, in the center, you will witness the presence of "The Big Five" wild animals, which are the lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, and black rhino.

On the last day, you will visit Tarangire Park from Ngorongoro and you will do a full-day tour to see the attractions found there. This park is famous as "The Home of Giant Elephants and Baobab Trees". After the game drive in the evening, you will leave Tarangire and go to Arusha to rest and leave.

How to book this 4-day safari package

To book our 4-day group joining safari in Tanzania, use the booking form in this page or contact us via owleyesexpedition@gmail.com. Our customer service is available 24 hours a day, all days of the week. Feel free to explain or ask us anything about this tour; we are here to serve you. Very welcome!

The full itinerary for the 4-day Tanzania group joining safari package

Our itinerary for the 4-day Tanzania group joining safari package includes accommodation for four nights only. But if you need nights of arrival and departure days, you can write to us on the booking form below. Also, our itinerary does not prevent you from changing the destination or the arrangement of your days on this tour. Feel free to tell us what you prefer, and we will set it up for you.

Day 1: A Journey From Arusha to Serengeti

Our 4-day Tanzania group joining safari starts in Arusha City early in the morning and ends in Serengeti National Park. This journey usually takes five to six hours, depending on the weather and the road. After arriving, it will be early afternoon, and with our guide, you will do a game drive tour for 1 or 2 hours before lunch. After that, you will have a picnic lunch in a beautiful area inside the park with an exciting landscape.

So, after lunch, you will continue with a game drive in the Central Serengeti area to see other interesting things in the Serengeti until the evening. Then, our guide will pick you up and take you to the lodge or camp to have dinner and rest to prepare for the next day's tour.

Day 2: A Journey From Serengeti to Ngorongoro Crater

The second day is also a game drive inside Serengeti National Park. In the morning, after breakfast, your tour will start towards the south side of the park [Ndutu Area]. This area is famous for wildebeest migration, especially during the calving season (January to March), when there is a huge increase in wildebeests and zebras. Also, there are a large number of cheetahs, leopards, and lions, and it is very easy to get a chance to witness them hunting prey.

In the evening, you will start the journey from Ndutu Area Serengeti towards Ngorongoro to have dinner and rest for the Crater tour the next day.

Day 3: A full-day game drive tour in Ngorongoro Crater

Early in the morning, after breakfast, there is a journey from your lodge to the Crater of the Ngorongoro. The morning is the best time to see some rare wild animals, especially the Big Five, including the Black Rhino, who are very few in number. Also, you will see wildebeests, hippos, zebras, antelopes, and elephants. So, the game drive tour will continue until lunch time, when you can enjoy a picnic in a secluded area inside the crater.

After lunch, you will continue with the game drive and also have time to do a walking safari, especially in areas where there are no dangerous wild animals. In the evening, you will climb from the crater towards the lodge, where you will have dinner, rest, and prepare for the Tarangire tour.

Day 4: A journey from Ngorongoro to Tarangire, then departure

This fourth day, which is also the last for this 4-day group joining safari in Tanzania, is a tour to Tarangire National Park. Early in the morning, after breakfast, you will start the journey from Ngorongoro towards Tarangire. Its arrival is also in the morning, and it is a good time to start the game drive tour. You will do a tour in Tarangire until noon, when you will have lunch at the picnic area inside the park.

Also, after lunch, the game-drive safari tour will continue to visit other areas of Tarangire until the evening. In the evening, after finishing the tour, you will leave Tarangire and head to Arusha City. This is the end of our 4-day Tanzania group joining safari.

Things to prepare for this 4-day Tanzania group joining safari

The following are some things that you can prepare for this tour to make your vacation more beautiful and unique:

  1. Budget: Budget is the main basis of this tour, where our cost for a 4-day Tanzania group joining safari ranges from $900 to $2500 depending on the type of accommodation you prefer and the season. Also, we advise you to prepare all the necessary needs for you throughout the tour in order to be given a price that fits your budget.
  2. Camera: In order to be able to save memories of important and beautiful events on this tour, you need to have a good camera with large storage. Also, we advise you to have an additional storage device when your camera is full.
  3. Sunglasses: This is especially important in the summer when there is a strong sun, so sunglasses will allow you to get a good view for the entire tour.
  4. Mental preparation: When you plan for an unforgettable adventure like this, make sure you are mentally prepared. This will make you pay attention and be able to enjoy and focus on understanding every stage of the tour and when our guide narrates to you.
  5. Extra cash: Carrying extra cash is important because it helps you in small emergencies that will require money. This especially includes tips, buying snacks, paying for visas, or other services that will require cash money.

Therefore, after all, we welcome you on our 4-day Tanzania group joining safari tour. This is a very unique tour that will make you enjoy many interesting things that exist in Tanzania. Also, it's a great opportunity for you to get to know other tourists and make new friends who will be with you on this tour.